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    Since 1931, Sea Harvest has continued a family tradition of preparing only the freshest seafood products for distribution. In 1958, Sea Harvest was plant number 13 to join the United States Department of Interior to process seafood under strict governmental scrutiny.

    Later, the inspection program was turned over to the United States Department of Commerce. Today, Sea Harvest processes seafood under the requirements of U. S. Department of Commerce, U. S. Food & Drug, State of Georgia Department of Agriculture as well as our own quality control and research and development personnel. Our HACCP program ensures that only the best quality seafood possible is produced for our customers, in order to help encourage repeat business.

    At Sea Harvest, we are continuing to update and expand our products, ideas and specialty items without sacrificing our strict plant hygiene, our product flavor, quality or nutritional values. 

    We at Sea Harvest invite you to try great tasting breaded seafood products and our new, exciting, unique center-of-the-plate specialties and appetizers.